Our Menu

Kitchen opening times :

Tuesday to Saturday

Lunch 11am-5pm

Breakfast (Served Tues to Sat 11am-2pm) 

Full English Breakfast with choice of Tea, Coffee or Juice - €7 large / €5 regular

Bacon Sandwich - €2

Sausage Sandwich - €2

Fried Egg Sandwich - €2

BLT - €2.50

Scrambled Egg on Toast - €2

Beans on Toast - €2

Jumbo sausage roll

Served with beans, bread & butter - €2

Toasties - €2 each

Served with Side salad and crisps

Cheese and tomato 

Cheese and Ham

Cheese and onion 

Jacket potatoes - €3.50 each

Served with Side salad


Cheese and Beans

Cheese and bacon

Lunch Menu (Served Tues to Sat 11am-5pm) 


All our burgers are homemade from 100% British Beef and served with fries & side salad

Classic Burger €6.95

Our classic burger with fresh leaves, thick cut tomato & mayonnaise

Cheesanova Burger €7.75

Filled with British cheddar cheese, topped with onion rings & our very own secret burger sauce

Caramelised Onion Burger €7.55

Infused with sweet, caramelised onion & served with crispy bacon

Chilli Joe Burger €7.95

Topped with homemade beef chilli & melted British cheddar cheese

LA Special Burger €7.95

Topped with melted British cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, onion rings, fresh leaves, thick cut tomato & mayonnaise


Vegetarian Chilli €7.50

Homemade chilli served with fluffy rice or chips

Grilled Halloumi Salad (v, gf) €4.50

House Salad served with thick sliced grilled halloumi cheese drizzled with a balsamic reduction

Fries €2.00 (v, gf)

Cheesy Fries €2.75 (v, gf)

Crispy fries topped with melted British cheddar

Chilli Cheese Fries €3.25

Topped with our homemade chilli beef & melted British cheddar

Spicy Fries €2.20

Seasoned with our own, special spicy salt


Onion Rings €2.50

Side Salad €1.45

Baked Beans €0.50